Sunday, February 5, 2012

Magnetic Sewing Tools

This has nothing to do with steampunk, but I thought it might be interesting/useful to fellow crafters.

I am not a neat person. This extends to my sewing area, which tends to be a series of huge constantly shifting piles of fabric, patterns, half-finished projects, printed tutorials, and various tools. In an effort to cut down on the amount of frantic digging I have to do every time I need a tool, I've installed a magnet board on the wall next to my sewing table and put magnets on all my tools.

From sewing

As you can see, the only wall space I have within reach is this 5" wide strip between two large windows. So I had to make my own magnet board. I used a tin sign we had laying around. My husband cut it in half for me, I glued fabric to it with Mod Podge, and we screwed it to the wall. (The fabric is from a sheet set I picked up at Goodwill. Isn't it cute?)

The clear case at the top holds my bobbins. The black tube is a spray-painted medicine bottle. I realized it was the perfect size to hold a folded up measuring tape. And I can NEVER keep track of those. Other common sewing tools are up there, along with my corset awl, a pencil, sharpie, and tailor's chalk. My current chalk is broken from being dropped on the floor a million times. And I lost the cap. For items I thought I would need to replace frequently, like the chalk, I glued the magnets on with hot glue. For everything else I used E6000.

From sewing

I bought two sizes of magnets as seen above. The smaller ones are actually stronger, so I ended up having to add an extra small magnet to some items I originally only used a large one on.

And that's it! Hope this inspires you to find ways to be more organized. In the meantime, I'm trying.

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