Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Latest Finished Projects

I have actually finished a bunch of projects in the last couple of months, but until now I didn't have decent pictures of them. So here's a quick show-and-tell.

-First is the coat from the Simplicity steampunk pattern. I made it without sleeves, cause I live in Texas.

From RealmsCon2011

This coat-vest-thing isn't a part of one of my regular outfits, but it's something I can throw on to slightly change what I'm wearing, provided I'm not wearing a bustle. It is not attractive with a bustle. The only downside is that I was just at a steampunk convention and I lost count of how many of these coats I saw at around seven. I mean, they pretty much all looked cool, but still. (The majority of them didn't have sleeves, which I kinda think is funny.) Also in that photo you can see a vest I made for my husband from the same fabric. It's the round front vest from the Simplicity 2870 vest pattern. It's my husband's favorite vest, and also the easiest I've made.

- My friend and first mate of my airship commissioned me to make her the outfit from the Butterick 4954 pattern. This past weekend was my first chance to see it on her, and I was so happy it didn't look horrible!

From Clockwork Con 2012

I also made the little top hat she's wearing. I made up the pattern for that myself and it came out great!

- When I realized that I had a couple of events to go to this winter and that even though it might be 80 or 90 degrees, it might also be 30 degrees, I realized I needed a jacket. I dug through my patterns and settled on this bolero pattern, and some black suiting that I had on hand. Here's the finished jacket with my black and silver outfit:

From Clockwork Con 2012

I added extra-large antique brass hooks and eyes for the closure in the front and pinned various medals on it. (Some of which were gifts, one that I made from a pendant and one which was actually the convention badge. All steampunk cons should have a medal badge option.) For the back I copied my husband's back patch from his coat.

From Clockwork Con 2012

-The above black and silver outfit includes my latest corset. I used my modified version of the Laughing Moon Silverado pattern, and then I modified it some more. Because I made changes on the fly without doing another mock-up I ended having a lot of problems and had to tear it apart a whole bunch of times. Note: Don't do that.

-I made another hat, intended for myself, using Truly Victorian's 1880's Hat Frame Pattern. Usually the TV patterns are EXCELLENT, but I didn't like this one so much. The instructions left out some important steps that the Lynn McMasters patterns have, such as covering your buckram with flannel before covering it will your fashion fabric. That step makes the hats feel much better quality. So I followed the McMasters directions to make this pattern's hat. I wanted something different, so I chose the low crown version. But I had a lot of problems getting the brim to fit on the crown correctly. It felt like they weren't drawn to really fit. Then the finished hat just looked horrible on my head, so I am going to try to sell it.

And I think that's all for now.


  1. Fantastic attire! I especially love the fabrics for your friend's outfit. Good show, Madam!

  2. The corset above is lovely. I have enjoyed roaming around your pages. I have not sewn for many years but seeing your pages reminds me of the frustrations and the joys of finishing a project. Thank you for the wealth of information provided.