Friday, August 12, 2011

Steamy Sewing Patterns

The pattern companies have just released their Fall patterns, and since I'm going through and marking down which ones could be steampunked, I figured I'd share with you all.

It's So Easy, Simplicity 2122 - This is a nice bolero jacket with a slightly Asian feel. It's their EASY line, so it should be simple, and it's also only $2.99 regular price.

It's So Easy, Simplicity 2309 - Another steamable jacket, with a very nice newsboy cap.

Easy Simplicity 2081 - Not really steampunk, but cute 20s-30s cloche hat.

Easy Simplicity 2130 - This is kinda a weird pattern, but I like the harem pants look for steampunk, particularly in a capri length. I think this pattern could be useful, especially if modded.

I'm quite disappointed in Simplicities costumes. The new ones are all children's or super slutty. The possible exceptions are this bellydancer skirt and this ghawazee pattern. The latter in particular could make a great non-European steampunk outfit.

I'm also disappointed that this Men's vest pattern is now out of print. I've used it to make two vests now, and I love the versatility. It's possible that you can still find it in stores, or online, and I recommend doing so. Here's one of the vests I made with this pattern. The other one looks totally different, but I don't have a decent picture of it yet.

From San Japan 2011

Of course, there's this actual steampunk pattern from a few months ago. I've made the jacket, and again, don't have a picture yet. But in case someone was unaware of the pattern, I had to throw it out there.

Butterick has this new corset pattern. I like this pattern because it has a version with straps and it also provides what looks like full breast coverage. I own this pattern and am going to play around with adding more curves to it so that it has a more traditional corset shape.

This Victorian evening gown is GORGEOUS and probably a must-buy if only for the bustle. It also has a nice Disney princess vibe going for any ladies who grew up wanting Cinderella's ballgown.

And those are all the new patterns that I found of note. So keep an eye out for your local fabric store's next $0.99 sale!

One more bit of eye-candy. My husband is wearing the second version of the above-linked pattern in this picture, though you can't see the detail. This is from San Japan last weekend. I'll get a post together about that eventually.

From San Japan 2011

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  1. GREAT resource! Thanks! A few links like Easy Simplicity 2130are broken.