Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goal Accomplished: Victorian Bustle Dress

I've said it before, but what initially started me on my journey to steampunk was that I wanted a pretty Victorian bustle dress. I couldn't afford to buy one online, so I started putting together a thrift store steampunk outfit. Eventually, I started sewing. I set myself a goal for this year: make myself a full Victorian dress in time for Dickens on the Strand. Well, I've finished it a few months early...

I probably should wait and make a grand entrance in person and surprise everyone, but I'm just so excited to be done with it.

This is made using the Burda 7880 pattern. The only change to the pattern is the sleeves. The original sleeves were too small in the shoulder, so I had to add more pouf and I borrowed these from the New Look 6599 Blouse.

The fabrics are all 100% cotton. The solid purple is cotton sateen and the patterned fabric is plain old quilting cotton. I omitted the lace called for in the pattern and used ribbon by itself for trim, and fringe for the front swag. I may try to add more fringe to the back of the bustle and possibly more ribbon, but I'm not sure. The bustle is supported by a bustle pad. I'm not wearing a corset underneath in these pictures, but I hope to have one completed eventually that works underneath this dress. The buttons came from this ebay seller, whom I recommend if you need a lot of buttons and want to choose your style precisely.

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  1. inspirational . nice to see you set and goal and achieved an awesome outcome. I know you did this a few yrs back now but either way it was worth commenting on .