Thursday, February 3, 2011

Steampunk Knitting

Way before I started sewing or even being interested in steampunk, I was knitting. Naturally I've looked for ways to combine these interests. So here are some of the Steamy things I've made with string and some sticks.

Belle Ruffle Gloves:
From knitting

Pattern by VOKnits is here.

Aviator Hat:
From knitting

Pattern, also by VOKnits, is here. The steampunk buttons I used are from Treasure Cast Steampunk Buttons and are great quality and gorgeous.

Staghorn Mitts:
From knitting

I made these mostly to keep my husband's hands warm at work. But he has also added them to his steampunk costume. Pattern available here.

1965 Arm warmers:
From knitting

I didn't make these for any steampunk purpose; I just loved them. But I think the finished product is very steamy. The pattern is from the (excellent) book Knitting 24/7 by Veronik Avery.

I have plans for many more steamy projects. I'm working on a Camden sweater now, with a modified front panel.

I'm perhaps most excited to knit my own parasol, with the Lady's Bumbershoot pattern from the fantastic collection of steampunk patterns at The Sanguine Gryphon.

And because one can never have too many fingerless gloves, I'm dying to make these Opera Length Lace Gloves.

A new Must Knit pattern for me is the amazing Sleeved Mantelet by The Jane Victoria. Maybe I can have it ready for next winter.

And finally, I'll bet you didn't think you could knit a corset, but you can. The Prim Reaper's Corset. Yes, I bought a book called Vampire Knits (on sale) just for this pattern.

For more steampunk knitting patterns, I recommend the Ravelry group Steamy Stitches. The folks over there are great at pointing out patterns with at steampunk flair.

All this reminds me that I was pondering making myself some steampunk knitting needles to attach to my utility belt. I need to get on that...


  1. I kinda knew you'd be hot for the Sleeved Mantelet when I saw it.

  2. wonderful mitts there Steamy Knitter. you rock!
    bt AKA smitten kitten