3 Of The Most Amazing Golf Drivers

Are you a person who loves to golf products but never know which ones to buy? If so, then this article will provide you with some help for when you decided to purchase your next gold products. This article is here to provide you with three of the top golf drivers on the market today.

In different ways, all three drivers will help you hit the ball longer and straighter. So if you want better results for your next golf game, read on to get three of the most high-quality golf drivers to improve your golf game and experience. By the way, these are not cheap products. But there is a famous saying that is true; “you pay for what you get.” Warren Buffet also once quoted, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

1) TaylorMade Men’s M3 Driver

The M3 is one of the greatest golf drivers that money can buy. It can be compared to Jesus among drivers. Toe shots, heel shots, they all go straight and long! The M3 driver comes with a round face that can be twisted, which decreases the side spin in favourite mis-hit locations. The M3 driver contains a hammerhead slot in the sole, which makes the clubface more flexible for a bigger sweet spot. The Y-Track adjustability allows you to advance two weights to produce a low, mid, or high path.

2) PING Men’s G400 Max Driver

This G400 is one of the most magnificent golf drivers any golfer could spend their cash on. It will make every swing magically during your golf game. The G400 by PING is made for you to have longer and straighter drives due to its high-density back-weighting created with extreme tungsten. With the G400, Dragonfly Technology thins the crown and lowers the centre of gravity for more forgiveness.

3) Callaway Men’s Rogue Driver

Callaway Men’s Rogue Driver is considered to be one of the most top-notch golf drivers as of the year 2018. The sole and the crown has been made stiffer, and this driver has been created with lighter technology. The benefits from the previous sentence all allow you to hit the ball for long distances. This driver also comes with a new x-face design that alters face thickness for swifter ball speeds all across the club face.


Golf can be more difficult if you don’t own right golfing supplies. Something as little as the golf driver can make a huge difference in how good you hit the ball. The quality of the golf equipment you use can be the difference between you having fun or having a miserable time. Enjoying the moments while playing golf is one of the most critical factors. So next time you buy golf equipment, just remember what you learned by reading this article.

Top 3 golf gadgets 2018

Golf players nowadays are not like old fashion and boring. Today, golf players love to be on trend and like to use products that are hot, trending and up to date. Golf businesses are growing, and so are the products. In today’s world, golf equipment is booming in the market and companies are coming up with many different tools and gadgets that are useful as well as fancy. Go to this website for further details about the golf industry. In today’s post, we are going to talk about some of the best devices and accessories that are overwhelming our golf players. Below are some of the best tools currently where all eyes are on.

1. Ballfinder Scout

It is a device which helps a golf player to locate a ball in the ground with the help of a 3.2-megapixel high-resolution camera. The device range of search is 600 square feet in just one second which is very impressive. From now on, golf players do not need to be frustrated when their balls are lost in the ground because of the device capability of finding it with just 1 per cent visibility. It can locate a ball up to 35 feet away. The device holder only has to point to the area where he/she thinks the ball landed. After that, the device holder than go to the particular area and press a green button by which it will vibrate the machine after locating the ball. It will display the ball in a 1.25 inch LED screen with red cursors bracket around the ball. At last, the ball can be easily trackable with the help of a blue colour light displayed in the device.

2. Solar Cart Bag by Soldius

Yes, you heard it right. It is a solar bag which can charge your phone and iPods as well. The solar panels are located at the side of the bag and include one mini USB cable, two iPod adapters which can be interchangeable and a few mobile phone adapters which can be interchangeable as well. The features are not ended yet. This bag also includes few holders for t-shirts and umbrella. Lastly, it also gives you a compartment for a cell phone where you can charge the device. So you can see the bag offers a lot of features with a reasonable price tag of $349. If you buy this heavy duty nylon coated bag, we can say that you are choosing the right product for your game.

3. The Flex Putter

It is a piece of equipment which teaches a golf player how to putt a ball smoothly and flawlessly. With the help of the flex putter trainer, you will get instant feedback how your putting is going to be. It is done with the help of a graphite shaft that flexes if the stroke is not as smooth as it should be. Dave Stockton does the product endorsement. With a spent of only $120, it will teach you the tempo and rhythm of putting a ball into a hole. Some PGA players also train with this tool like Patrick Reed and Fabian Gomez.

Tips For Using A Golf Rangefinder

Most people assume that using a golf rangefinder will be a simple process. After all, the makers of these instruments would not make it hard for you to use them. While this is true to an extent, there are a lot of tips that you need to know about which will ensure that you can use the golf rangefinder to the best of your abilities. You can also go through golf rangefinder reviews for more insights. Here is a video of best golf rangefinder of 2018.

Know The Limits

There are 2 different types of rangefinders that you can use, and they will have different limits. It is essential that you know what the limits are for the rangefinder that you have and how this will impact your use of the item. The types of rangefinders you can get are the GPS rangefinder and the laser rangefinder.

To properly use a GPS rangefinder, you will need to have the course loaded and updated to the most recent version of the map with the latest hazards and pins. It means that you need to set aside some time to prepare before you actually start playing. You will also need to ensure that you have purchased a rangefinder with access to as many courses as possible. Of course, some golf courses do not provide maps of their area, and you will have to check this before you start.

As the name suggests, the laser rangefinder will work by emitting a laser beam. The limits of this rangefinder will be the reflectivity of the target which will be the flagstick. The more reflective the object is, the better the data you will get from the rangefinder. It is important to note that some rangefinders only work if the course has a prism-mounted reflector which enhances the efficiency of the laser. Fortunately, there are more and more courses that are installing reflectors as laser rangefinder use is becoming the norm.

Practice Using The Device

The saying that practice makes perfect can be applied to the use of golf rangefinders in the same way as many other things. While you might not want to be perfect when it comes to using the rangefinder, you want to be efficient, and this requires practice. Taking the device out of the box and assuming you are going to be able to use it is a mistake. There is nothing worse than arriving at the course and then trying to figure the device out.

The first step to practicing with the rangefinder is to practice at home. You should take your rangefinder outside and start hitting targets that are around 50 to 100 yards away. Larger surfaces should be used when you start as they will be easier to aim for and you will get a feel of how to activate, point and shoot the rangefinder. Once you have all of the finger action mastered, you should look at honing your skills.

At this point, you will be able to target smaller objects and try to jut them. You could even head to the course and try aiming for the flags. You might also want to have a friend and give your rangefinder to use so that you are getting the same readings. It will ensure that you are handling everything correctly and that your device is not defective.

Make Use Of Apps And Modes

There are times when pin seeking mode fails you, or you might not be feeling the vibration when the device locks on the flag. The point of having a rangefinder is to ensure that you are confident in the distance that you have. When your rangefinder does not lock, your confidence can be undermined, and this will cause problems with your game. Here are top Iphone apps for gps rangefinder.

If you find this happening to you, you should not look at a new rangefinder, but at the other modes, you have available. If you have a GPS rangefinder, you should check out the manual or customizable pin placement. If you have a laser rangefinder, you should look at using the scan mode and start panning the green. It is the most fool-proof method to use, and if you do not get your distance you should move the reticle to the flagstick, and you should be able to get the distance.